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The kind of quality we are writing about does not mean that.This is because they already know the influential person and they would like to read something related to his or her work.

Best Answer: the web page (below) provides: How to Write a Thesis for a Narrative Essay Although narrative essays tell a story, the story should.

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However, not all of them are as effective as the strategies and examples discussed in this article.

You might have a weak hook if you introduce a too-nice character too soon.When you use a literary quote from an author or a book, you will sound authoritative and informed on the topic you are writing on.

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Your hook is what will capture the attention of agents, editors and, ultimately, readers.

It should give a preview of what the reader should expect in order to lure them into reading up to the end.

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Literary novels should introduce an intriguing character, someone readers will be eager to know.

Make your hook tempting enough to draw him, first to your story and then into it to be pulled along by the power of your characters and their challenges.Not sure if your story structure is strong enough to woo an agent.For most stories I find that you really can peg genre from the opening.A hook can make your good book a great one by building elements into your theme that are meaningful to you and you alone, but appealing to readers interested in your topic.Have you ever wondered why it sometimes takes an entire afternoon to clean out a closet or even just a drawer.The thesis should be interesting in order to pull in your readers, who will want to explore more on your idea.Readers want to read about characters dealing with conflicts, not about the perfect people.Imagine yourself in a restaurant and the couple seated in the booth behind you is having a fascinating discussion about their latest murder.No, that target will be following the line to wherever it leads.

At the same time, a hook in an essay serves as the laconic version of the main idea you want to share.The secret to terrific writing starts with a great beginning.The latter keep saying that the young generation is spoiled and lazy, while they (seniors) are nearly the living saints.

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It is used by writers, copywriters, storytellers, and screenwriters.

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When you start an essay with a quote from an influential person, you spark the interest of the readers.Note, however, that the visual of dense paragraphs of narrative without breaks for dialogue can turn off readers.

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Well, when we talk about how to write a good hook for a research paper we mostly mean a good introduction to the topic.