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With the growing number of senior citizens in our expanding society, abuse and neglect of the elderly is a widespread issue in our society.

Since the 70s neglect received less attention because of the overwhelming rise in physical and sexual abuse.Do parents send them to a baby care facility and let strangers take care of them.Elder Mistreatment in an Aging America will be of interest to anyone concerned about the elderly and ways to intervene when.Latest research is now bringing to light the effects of emotional neglect on children.

Paper details: Write a 500-word illustration essay about a topic of your choice.Elder mistreatment in the United States: Prevalence estimates from a nationally representative study.

It can be disturbing to witness how caretakers, both familial and paid, choose not to provide proper safety to seniors with limited or no mobility or motor skills.Rarely does anyone care give up his or her seat for an old man or woman.

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Some people would agree that this is a startling case, but in reality over 4 million elderly Americans in one way or another are abused every year.Does the essay present an illustration that clarifies the main point or your.After regularly interacting with him for a while, the couple gradually began to obtain big-ticket items,.

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When an elder will not speak for himself or herself without the caregiver being present, this could be a sign.Physical neglect is the most obvious and common type of neglect the elderly endure.

Instructions: Using the illustration essay, write a 500-word essay on The neglect of the elderly.Your essay will be graded on its ability to adhere to illustration essay conventions.Elder neglect is the failure to fulfill obligations to a senior citizen.

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Each year, thousands of seniors are neglected or abused by family members and caretakers.

In most foreign countries, the elderly are treated with the utmost respect.The United States especially seem to treat their senior citizens with a severe lack of respect.

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